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Tearful. Oh, wretched child... he kept saying every so often, so it's true my heart had spoken to me? This is why I had been feeling such a big weakness for you since the beginning? What does that mean? Helen stammered approaching him. Elias went and sat tits down again in his armchair, while with eyes opened wide he was staring into the void, reliving the drama of the crazy cuckold young man. It's him that I had taken years before from this very home and gave him up in Thessalonica , he said. Helen, listening to these words, stayed with an open mouth. What a tragic coincidence... whispered old-Elias.


Wife bikini Helen, who hadn't recovered of her surprise, was looking at him slap-happy, while her eyes were nailed to the photo hanging on the wall. Yes, but of course , she whispered, that's Stephen . They both stayed this way for a while, immersed in their nightmarish thoughts. Suddenly old-Elias looked up and nailed it in the eyes of Helen, while a vast terror was painted thereon. However it seemed that he had cuckold wife overcome with difficult the reaction of his thought and, with a trembling voice and a broken expression due to his agony, he asked anxiously: Helen, at the outset I had asked you about Paul and with great interest. This is because his name reminds me of a dear person... He stuck his nails in his palms and while thick drops of sweat dripped of his forehead he continued: How is nude yoga wife that name of Paul?


Helen looked at him with wrinkled brows, while her question had reached the vertical with the unexpected turn of the events. Paul Venetis, Mr. Elias . Old-Elias failed to bear this revelation, he fell unconscious. Helen struggled much to revive him and when she managed it, she saw him catching her hands and, squeezing them, to wife bondage ask wife her: How did you say Helen? he stammered in agony. Paul Venetis? Yes... But it seems that this name upset you very much . Old-Elias had lowered his head and was crying like a baby child. Then he lifted his gaze and looked at Helen who was looking at him puzzled by his change. For wife bondage a moment, he looked sideways to the wall and in his mind returned the words Helen had told him. But of course, she had told him in her narration that Paul's father had suffered.